Current trends influencing investments

System of fiat money and fractional reserves banking is not stable, secure and is not able to keep the value of savings without taking a significant risk.

Savers are loosing their purchasing power. The purchasing power is not lost, however. It is just transferred to debtors.

Today’s world with its interconnectiveness and new technologies controlling our lives, is even more vulnerable than the world after Great War or in Thirties.

With fiat money and fractional reserves banking the inflation is permanent. Highly indebted governments use the inflation as a tool which helps them to repay the debt.

For example, ECB speaks about a good inflation which is slightly lower than 2% annually. However, it fails, for example, to take into account current technological and consumer trends which are pulling prices down. (e.g., energy consumption and effectiveness).

Diamond and gemstones prices vs. US inflation

2005=100 White diamonds Rubies Sapphires Emeralds Spinels Tanzanites Gold Prices
Price Index / March 2018 160.00 184.83 159.86 264.08 399.56 99 292.2 127.50

Why should I invest into European Diamond Fund?

It is an alternative investment, not dependent on financial markets movements. It gives the opportunity to invest in the gemstone market without actually buying and selling diamonds and/or gemstones. It is a long-term investment. It is an investment not related to any state entity, except for Liechtenstein. The diamonds and gemstones are not linked to any existing currency, they are a natural store of value.

What does EDF offer to its shareholders ?

Protection of their savings from turmoil and downturn of financial markets denominated in fiat currencies, holding an asset with a low volatility. Use of long-term real appreciation of diamond and gemstone prices. Including coloured gemstones into the portfolio, will make it more stable and diversified, and less dependent on the will of few world largest producers of diamonds. As a bonus, participation in profits made by a transformation of purchased raw stones into highly-valued cut stones. Annual dividend of 7%.

How Much Money Do You Need To Start Investing?

Minimum initial investment: 25,000 €. Currency: EUR. Subscription/Redemption: Quarterly. Entry fee: 1%. Management fee: 1.5%. Incentive fee: 15%. Redemption fee: Less than one year investment - 3%. High Watermark: Yes. ISIN: VCP853244017.

The vision of the European Diamond Fund is to conserve the value and generate annual profit for its investors without taking risks of financial or real estate assets thus being an alternative or complementary investment to traditional ones, in other types of assets.